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"Today I Create!!"


I have always enjoyed looking at the world from other perspectives and from that has evolved SmallWorldArt...or SWA as I like to say. Finding that "Something" in my artwork is what I hope for those viewing my creations. I have created a fun, abstract layering that has created some fun avenues to create unique one-of-a-kind prints.

I am always looking to explore. I feel art should have no rules. Cause who gets to call it ART...


I paint, play music, write, because to me creating in my life is a must.

Call it Art, call it what you like. I hope you enjoy it, even  if you do not purchase. 

  • The depth of color radiates from each work of art.

  • Really Special

  • Unique and bold designs

The Ohhhs & Ahhhs

........Some People...

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